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Excelsior Detail-Orientation Co. is an exclusive producer of merchandise, 3D-printed train parts & kits, and a YouTube channel with some of the best vintage railroad videos on the internet. We’re also the official merchandise store of  the Flour-by-Rail Legacy Project, and all store proceeds go toward the effort to restore railcars for community reuse in Buffalo’s Old First Ward.

If there’s a fine-scale part that needs to be made, or a fallen-flag RR slogan that needs to be slapped on a mug, let us know.

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We’re an experienced team of professional railroaders with an underlying spirit of volunteerism and passion for philanthropy.

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The Buffalo, USA Foundation is a nonprofit foundation whose goal is developing community-oriented placemaking initiatives of educational value to the neighborhoods and region we serve. The Foundation’s seminal initiative is the Flour-by-Rail Legacy Project. The mission of the FBRLP is to return historic flour-carrying boxcars to the Buffalo, NY waterfront and the mills and silos they once served. To-date, the first historic boxcar has been returned to Buffalo’s Old First Ward, and educational and interpretive exhibits for within the car are being developed concurrent with a community and foundation-driven restoration of the exterior of the car.

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