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2-Pair Locomotive Ditch Lights/Emergency Lights - EDO Trains

2-Pair Locomotive Ditch Lights/Emergency Lights

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Designed straight from the prototype, this ‘tire-iron’ sprue has four (4) ditch lights for use on all diesels.

The common origin for the modern locomotive ditch light is 1970s, second-generation Canadian diesels. The EDO Trains ditch light is based on those applied to Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern C425 no. 805, whose ditch lights are BC Rail (British Columbia Railway) origin. These are the most commonly-applied style of ditch lights, and they are mandated on every locomotive in service on every North American railway.

Additional proto-accurate applications include as the center-front red emergency light on Amtrak F40PH locomotives (see photos). The precise insert sleeve diameter is 3/32″ (generally it’s own common drill size, or between a #41 and #42 drill bit). If adding lenses, go for 0.085″ (2.16 mm) lenses.

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