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Conrail Juniata Geep Retro-Kit™ - EDO Trains

Conrail Juniata Geep Retro-Kit™

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Upon taking control of most of the northeastern US rail network, Conrail’s demand for modern switching locomotives was far greater than obtainable supply and creative efficiency became a necessity.

LINK: Conrail DeWitt & Juniata Geep rebuilds roster, including pre-Conrail data

Thus, their inherited ALCO RS3 fleet was rebuilt using engines from recently-retired EMD passenger diesels and the ‘Juniata Geep’ was born. Rebuilt at Conrail’s Juniata (Altoona, PA) Locomotive Shops, our Retro-Kit™ provides the primary aesthetic changes that gave a second life to 56 first-generation diesels. Working our way from the front of the long hood, those details are:

  • Replacement of the single ALCO radiator fan, near the front of the long hood, with a pair of EMD fans.
  • Body-wide plate/lid for the water expansion tank.
  • Replacement of the single ALCO exhaust stack with a twinned pair of EMD switcher stacks.

The nature of this retrofit allows the modeler to use our parts as a template for the body work needed to install this kit. Any necessary commercially-available parts are included with our kit free of charge. Sound video of the most unique and iconic Juniata Geep, LV 211, is available at this link.

Design by Andrew’s Railroad Details for EDO Trains. Unless noted, all imagery and design elements ©Excelsior Detail-Orientation Co., LLC, 2022, All Rights Reserved.

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